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        Zhongshan Tianjun Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, production and sales of smart home appliances. It is the first company in the world to independently and successfully develop a hanging dryer. Founded in 2006, the company is mainly engaged in the design, development, production and sales of smart home appliances such as clothes dryers, smart clothing care machines, clothes dryer boxes, body dryers, shoe care machines, and fruit dryers.  the company annual output value exceeds 1 million units, the "Tianjun" brand ranks first in domestic T-Mall and JD Mall sales brands in hanging clothes dryer products; the main partners are Midea, Haier, Emmet and other well-known domestic brands, which have formed a long-term Cooperation; overseas markets have established overseas sales channels such as the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, the United States, France, Germany, Spain, the Middle East, Africa, Vietnam, etc., and have a certain market share in both domestic and foreign markets. In order to strengthen product research and development and market layout, the shareholders established Guangdong Tianjun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in 2019 to concentrate relevant resources to seek higher-level development. As the maker of the "Industry Standard for Electric Heating Air Dryers for Household and Similar Uses", the company actively develops intelligent products with bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects. The company has established a municipal enterprise technology center and a municipal engineering technology research and development center. Product upgrades and other relevant development plans have been formulated. According to the current order and online sales situation, it is expected that the operating income will reach 350 million RMB within five years, which has certain development potential and growth potential for future development.

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        Guangdong Tijump Intelligent Technology Appliance co., LTD
        Add:No. 17, Guangle Center Road Lianfeng industrial Area Xiaolan Town Zhongshan City G D Tel:0760-22187433 Fax:0760-22133814
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